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The Unsung Hero of Environmental Sustainability and Its Quiet Mission for World Domination

Now, let’s talk hemp cannabis packaging. Imagine that you are at a party when someone mentions hemp. Instantly the room becomes divided. Half of the room thinks that it is just another way to get high. The other half, however, are already listing benefits. Both sides are missing some of the benefits.

Hemp can be compared to the quiet cousins of marijuana, who don’t really cause any trouble at family functions. The THC content is so low that a fly wouldn’t be buzzed by it. The plant is tangled in more controversy that a Twitter celebrity.

Let’s take a look back at the past. Hemp was cool in centuries past. We’re referring to making ropes that were used by ships as they explored new lands. And writing paper declarations of independent. Yes, it’s that old-school cool.

In the present day, hemp has a renaissance. However, it is not without controversy due to its misunderstood relation with marijuana. The 2018 Farm Bill aimed to restore hemp’s image in the U.S. and gave farmers permission to grow the plant again. They sure missed out on the benefits of cannabis during prohibition.

Here’s the fun part: What is this plant incapable of doing? Clothes? Check. What are the sustainable building materials known as hempcrete? Yup. Even biodegradable car parts and straws are joining the trend. Talk is circulating about hemp batteries – imagine charging your smartphone with a tree one day!

And there’s more. Hemp reminds me of that friend with a pickup who will insist on helping you to move. It grows rapidly without much water or insecticides, which makes it an eco hero.

Hemp is still being sneered at because it shares a close relationship with marijuana. It’s like refusing “Game of Thrones” just because you heard that it had dragons, or thinking all fantasy programs are the exact same.

There are some funny things I can tell you: hemp is not always a good thing. The problem is that people are unable to distinguish hemp from its psychoactive relatives.

The future for hemp is bright. (With sunglasses on, because it’s so bright). As more people discover what this plant is capable of without the high flying antics of its cousin we are witnessing some real innovations.

You can use these tips the next time someone talks about hemp at a dinner party or in any other setting. You’ll either get hailed the most fascinating person in the group or be in an argument with Aunt Karen over whether plants can actually save the earth.

This green wonder is quietly plotting the domination of the world, one sustainable item at a time.