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Panoramic Canvas Prints: The Art of Magic

Wow, panorama canvas prints. You’ll get the same feeling as when you gaze out at the Grand Canyon. But now, it will be on your wall. These are those large, stretched-out pictures that can make your home feel like an IMAX movie theater but with more snacks and a cozier atmosphere. See panoramic canvas prints from Canvas & Decor to get more info.

You’ve probably got a killer view in your mind. You might choose a beautiful sunset that would make even your most grumpy neighbors smile, or perhaps a skyline of a city with lights twinkling as if they were stars. You think “Hey this belongs on my wall.” You don’t want it in a small frame, which squints back at you. No, sir. We’re talking cover-the-wall-in-glory kind of big.

Let’s talk about the first step: how do we go from “nice views” to “wowza! Is my couch floating on the ocean?” Snapping photos is the first step. If you are old-school, take a lot of photos and then stitch them all together in your computer to get the right look. If you have one of the fancy cameras, then just take one large shot.

The fun begins: choosing your canvas. This is not about just slapping some pictures on a piece of fabric. No, our goal is to create something so inviting that guests will want to touch it. Canvas makes photos look alive by bringing out the colors and adding texture.

Here’s when it becomes personal, like choosing between smooth or crunchy peanut butter. What size do you want? Do you want the edges to be wrapped around or cleanly cut? Matte or glossy? What tickles your fancy is what matters.

Let’s also not forget the reason we do all of this: to tell stories. It could be capturing the love and chaos of a family reunion where everyone is looking at the camera simultaneously or showing off your epic road trip when you learnt four ways to fix the flat tire.

Panoramic images have a way of bringing you right into the scene. You may have noticed that when you walk by a panoramic print, your body leans left to right almost as if it were possible for you to enter the scene. This is the mojo of magic.

Think of ordering your favorite hamburger. It’s not enough to tell someone to put some meat in between the buns. You can’t! You can specify the toppings you want, maybe a sauce to go with it, or extra cheese. You can be as detailed with the prints you choose – making sure that they match your style and your home.

It’s rebellious to have something that is so large and long. In an age of digital screens, where all information can be found on devices no bigger than a piece of bread. This says, “I live in a modern world. But I still appreciate things I can feel and touch.”

If you find yourself thinking “this would look great above my sofa,” remember that life is too short for tiny pictures. Remember that life is too short to spend it looking at tiny photos. Give those ducts a little love, so that you can rest easy and maybe even save some money to do something more fun like watch paint dry. You can now conquer the world, or at least begin Googling confidently!